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Ask Renee: The importance of active activism

Your Facebook post is nice, but it doesn't accomplish much of anything


  • Leah Tribbett
I begin today’s piece with a rant.

For those who say, “Just give him/her a chance,” or “I had to live with it for the past eight years, now it’s your turn,” ummm...no. It’s called activism. It’s when you believe in something so deeply, so passionately, so fiercely, that you take a stand and fight for what you believe to be right. It’s when you’re so diametrically opposed to what’s happening that you take action, make your voice heard and put forth every effort to create positive change.

You give a child a chance to discern between right and wrong. You give a college graduate a chance to show their value within a company. You give an ex-offender a chance to prove that they’ve learned from their mistakes. You don’t give an elected official a chance to destroy the things you care about most. No, the stakes are too high. You engage!

For those who haven’t taken some form of action (beyond posting on Facebook) when you disagree with your elected officials, that’s on you. You either didn't disagree strongly enough or you’re simply passive. But you cannot fault those who care so much that they choose to take action rather than just sit back and watch things unfold.

My hat is off to all who have made it a priority to sign a petition, email or call a legislator, attend a rally, send a postcard, volunteer with a nonprofit, or any other form of productive activism. Don’t stop. Keep it respectful. Be resilient. Be compassionate. Seek truth. And common ground.

Rant complete. Now on to the good stuff.

The anti-solar bill was heard this morning. Watch for updates regarding SB 309. And don't forget the Indianapolis Public Hearing on Climate Change this evening, including testimony from Indianapolis youth.

On Monday, February 13, SB 420 will be heard by the Indiana Senate Natural Resources Committee. This bill, dubbed the Old Forest Bill, will require that 10-percent of Indiana State Forest land be marked as old forest areas and be protected from logging.

Remember, it’s just as important to be vocal about your support of a bill that seems positive as it is when you’re in opposition. If your Senator serves on the Natural Resources Committee, please contact them to ask that they SUPPORT SB 420 and attend the hearing to support the bill if you can.

Also on Monday, the Indianapolis City-County Council Metropolitan and Economic Development Committee will meet and hear the Mass Transit proposal. If your Councillor serves on this committee, contact them to let them know you support mass transit.

Other important dates for the Marion County Transit Plan are coming up, including Transit Day at the Statehouse on Tuesday, March 21. It’s important for all Marion County residents to let their City-County Councillors know that they support the Marion County Transit Plan! Sign the petition.

Piece out,


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