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Ask Renee: What to do with those campaign signs


Hi Renee,

Are campaign signs recyclable?



The results of this election have some potentially negative environmental side effects. The good news is that your political yard signs are recyclable.

If you participate in a curbside program, separate the plastic from the metal and put both parts in the bin along with all of the postcards and flyers that surely appeared in your mailbox over the past several weeks.

You can also take yard signs to a recycling center as they can recycle the aluminum or steel stakes, as well as the corrugated or film plastics. My friend at RecycleForce says that, “Democrats and Republicans will be shredded together to make a new piece of plastic.” Bi-partisanship at its finest!

Speaking of recycling and politicians, congratulations to the Executive Director of Indiana Recycling Coalition, Carey Hamilton, for being elected to serve in the Indiana House of Representatives. I feel better knowing that Carey will be working to improve Indiana’s environment from the Statehouse.

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