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Ask Renee: Word play and a time machine

A question of words


  • Jin Zan via Wikimedia Commons
Hi Renee,

I notice that you end your column with the words "piece out." Is that a play on words base on the more common "peace out?"



Hi Ed,

Picture it: Indianapolis 2008. It was the start of a new year, and with it, new resolutions for a greener city and state.

It was a time when curbside recycling only accepted plastics #1 & #2 and bike lanes were yet to appear on City streets. It wasn’t unusual to overhear statements like, “I’d like to be more green, but I live in the Midwest,” or, “It’s just impossible to be green in Indiana.”

Despite global warming, it was a cold day, that first day of the year, when two friends with a penchant for writing, a love of their hometown, and a long list of green living tips launched an e-newsletter to 300 friends and family members. Green Piece Indy, and “Piece out”, was born.

Nearly four and a half years, and 450+ green tips, later, in May 2012, NUVO took over and changed the format to Ask Renee. And here it is, 2016.

Our fine city has changed so much. We’ve seen advancements (growth in the local food movement, conversations about composting and recycling, and even a reduction in burning coal); and we’ve had set-backs (loss of energy efficiency programs and rankings that say our home is polluted and unhealthy).

With a hope that I’ve been able to educate and inspire a few people along the way to make even a small change, one thing remains the same…

Piece out,



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