Rock, Roots, Punk + Metal

Bearbones, Dietrich Jon, Peter Oren

When: Sat., Feb. 28, 9:30 p.m. 2015

NUVO’s not in the business of reprinting press releases, but we couldn’t help it with this Bloomington show. Check out this gem: “A ragtag group of bears with backgrounds in punk, indie, metal, and electronic music huddled inside of a cave one April night. Whiskey was had, cubs were born, and roars were frequent. Offspring of this family of downtrodden bears- the spawns of these young, brave souls of our generation- worked feverishly to fill each empty father’s heart with love. Fathering these creations, these clashes of frequencies and tragic yet uplifting stories, became reality. These BearDads; however, found that after a few months their cubs’ paws grew claws, the claws became sharp, and their appetites vicious for the blood of corrupted tyrants and false prophets.”

Price: $6

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