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Becky Archibald's newest, 'The Rite of Spring'



The Ronen Chamber Ensemble is presenting a French-inspired outing of chamber music and jazz featuring composer/pianist Becky Archibald at the Indiana Landmarks Center, Cook Theater on Tuesday, June 25.

The 7 -9 p.m. slot will feature many talented guests including some from the Farrelly/Markiewicz Jazz Quartet. Their appearance promises a performance of Archibald's "Cultural Trail Theme", which was written as a dedication for the grand opening of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Archibald invented an instrument specifically for this piece, called a "cycla-phone."

Archibald will also be releasing her sixth CD, a jazz piece called Midnight at Monteton. The evening's proceeds will benefit Archibald's opportunity to present her music at the Dordogne International Jazz Summer School in Monteton, France in July.

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at at the jump/.


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