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Bedazzled drummer on his way to Carmel



My eyes kinda glaze over once they get to music schedules for anything happening in Carmel. I'll eat my words once the Palladium starts booking acts a bit more substantial than Neil Sedaka, but you'll forgive me for failing to point out before now that YouTube sensation Rick K and the Allnighters will perform at Carmel's Cool Creek Park Friday, July 16 at 7 p.m. ($5 adults, kids under 12 free).

If you've not heard of the group, you may have seen this video, along with about 5 million others.

I'd argue that the drummer is absolutely in the right band. Those baton corps twirls, his flailing windmill attack, elbows akimbo, his flared-nostril, mouth-breathing, kick-your-ass scowl? Perfect for a latter-day Bronson, Missouri-style stage show, mostly flash but also weirdly inventive in a kind of unhinged, decontextualized way. But the guitarists certainly look like spoilsports against his theatrics. It's right around 4:30 that he really starts to lose it, looking like Chris Farley on the cusp of stroking out.


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