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Beer Buzz: Make your own mead



IndyFringe opened August 16 with the tapping of Midsummer Apricot Wheat, the official Flat 12 Bierworks brew for the festival. Available at the Beer Tent and Mass Ave bars and restaurants during August, it's an American Wheat with a twist - light in color, full in body with an apricot aroma and flavor. Balanced and easy to drink, this summer specialty brew is low in alcohol with moderate hop content.

Aug. 21 Introduction to Mead Making at Great Fermentations, 5127 E. 65th St., 6 p.m., $20. At its most basic, mead is a honey wine with few rules. New Day Meadery makes interesting meads like Snap Dragon, an apricot mead with orange peel, coriander, Hallertau hops & Belgian Wit yeast and their Breakfast Magpie. Magpie has notes of black raspberries mixed with chocolate and coffee.

August 22 4th #Clustertruck event at Triton Brewing, 5-9 p.m.


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