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Dildos! Get yer dildos here! Dongs! Dildos, vibrators and butt plugs! Lace panties and fireman outfits! Come one, er, come all! This longtime favorite supplies everything you need to get freaky. Need a recommendation? They’ve got a friendly, knowledgable staff! Don’t quite know what you want? Get a surprise grab bag for a man, a woman, or a couple, filled with an assortment of toys to rev your engine solo or together. They also have a wide selection of costumes, lingerie, fetish toys, DVDs and other goodies. The point is, get down there and get off creatively!

6711 E. 82nd St., 913-0740; 8601 N. Michigan Road, 228-9345; 3810 N. High School Road, 388-0670;

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3rd: Tasty's

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