Best Bar for Hipsters

The Sinking Ship


Hipsters unite! But seriously, whether or not you’re a hipster, you’ve got to check out the Sinking Ship. This punk bar has an incredible menu, from regular bar food to more exotic dishes, and each day there’s a new drink/food special offered. Vegans, take note: they cater specially to you. You may enjoy the fence-enclosed patio out the back door for a quieter outdoor experience. Alas, they’ve removed the stage (once used for rollicking live shows and rip-roaring comedy shows), but they still put hockey games on the big screen and offer all sorts of local brews. Check out the nerdy-cool art that lines the walls, too (somebody’s a big fan of Star Wars).

4923 N. College Ave., 920-7999

2nd: The Brass Ring Lounge

3rd: White Rabbit Cabaret

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