Best Bar for Making Business Deals Over Martinis

Nicky Blaine’s


There was a certain Downtown Media Company whose employees once started a group called “The 4:02 Club.” 4:02 was the earliest time that The Boss of Said Company could reasonably expect to have his Grey Goose on the rocks handed to him by one of the barkeeps at this Downtown staple. The Holy Trinity at Nicky’s are martinis (this was Indy’s FIRST martini bar), scotch (single malt and blends) and cigars (hey! They’re gluten free!). Look around once your eyeballs adjust to the dim lighting: those folks in power suits really might be the Masters of the Universe.

20 N. Meridian St., 638-5588,

2nd: The bar at St. Elmo’s

3rd: Ball and Biscuit

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