Best Bar/Restaurant/Venue for Punks

Melody Inn


You'd be hard-pressed to find a place better suited to local punks than the Melody Inn, and not just because it's home to the long-running Punk Rock Night every Saturday. For seven years in a row now, NUVO readers have named it their favorite, and for good reason. The small footprint helps you get intimate with the bands on stage. Punks abound here, as do a healthy dose of other non-conformists - all of whom know the Melody Inn's longtime commitment to the local music scene (and self-expression). They've recently added new dance nights like Souldies - a mix of oldies and soul held down by burlesque dancers and local DJs - that are punk in their own way, too.

3826 N. Illinois St., 923-4707

2nd: Alley Cat

3rd: The Sinking Ship

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