Best Bar/Restaurant/Venue for Suits

Nicky Blaine's


The "pleasing cadence" of the name of our favorite martini spot isn't an accident. The owner-operators chose it as an homage to Humphrey Bogart's Casablanca character, Rick, but with a slight change to the rhyming, to become Nicky Blaine's. But don't worry about it; just order a martini. Voted best place for suits for seven years running, this upscale speakeasy just off Monument Circle and deep underground offers fantastic drinks and a top-drawer selection of cigars in a beautiful and often stimulating environment. And we aren't kidding about the martinis. Back in the day, we used to give a Best Martini in Indy award, and this place always won.

20 N. Meridian St., 638-5588,

2nd: St. Elmo's 1933 Lounge

3rd:The Ball and Biscuit

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