Best Established Neighborhood

Broad Ripple


The funky cottages, the old apartment buildings here and there, the park and the bars, bars, bars. Youth shall be served along the Avenue (and served often, judging by the damaged souls brunching on Sunday at various eateries), but there’s lots more to BRV besides syrupy booze served in plastic cups. Indy CD and Vinyl. Pitaya. La Chinita Poblana. Broad Ripple Vintage. Brugge. The Bagel Deli. 10 01. We could go on and on, but we’ll leave it here: have you ever biked the Monon just so you had an excuse to cool off with a pint at Broad Ripple Brewpub — which just happens to be Indy’s oldest? (By the way, how cool is it that Irvington came up in the top three as both an “up and coming” and “established” neighborhood?)

2nd: Irvington

3rd: Meridian Kessler

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