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First Church of Cannabis

“On the morning before Grand Poobah Levin’s first service, NO PARKING signs popped up around the church. The media trickled in: all the local TV stations, radio, the Associated Press, Al Jazeera. Two representatives from the police-monitoring activist group Cop Block turned up to videotape the police and ask questions.

Roughly an hour before the scheduled start of the service, a service truck loaded with hard-hats and a cherry-picker began work on the utility pole that sat just across the street from the church’s front entrance. If there had been a problem in the neighborhood with, say, a transformer, the coincidence would’ve been suspicious. Some congregants speculated that the city planned on cutting power to the church. As the crew worked — rather quickly, it seemed — it soon became clear what they were doing.

A surveillance camera had been installed on the pole the very day the Church began its worship services.” – NUVO, July 2, 2015

3400 S. Rural St., 986-6972,

2nd: LifeJourney Church
3rd: St’ Luke’s United Methodist Church

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