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Sun King


If this is the first time you're hearing about Sun King ... well, welcome to Indianapolis, new resident! Sun King celebrated their 4th year of business this year, and they've been winning the NUVO Best Indiana Beer category pretty much ever since - along with national awards as well. A specialty brew, Grapefruit Jungle, was created for their aforementioned anniversary, and you know you can also rely on such favorites as Osiris, Wee Mac and Sunlight Cream Ale. The bustling brewery's tasting room has become one of the best places to be on a Friday at 5:30... or a Saturday... or a Thursday. Fill your growler, buy some cans and/or sit and sip and meet all the folks who enjoy a well crafted, lovingly attended brew. Sun King's beers are ubiquitous - from liquor stores to restaurants and bars to Victory Field and beyond - and we can drink to that!

135 N. College Ave., 602-3702,

2nd: Three Floyds

3rd: Flat 12 Bierwerks

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