Best Indiana Wine

Oliver Soft Red


OK, we ain’t Napa Valley. This is beer country. But Oliver Winery (SPOILER ALERT) has become as ubiquitous as Sun King (YEP, THEY WON WINERY, TOO), so it’s no surprise that this super-accessible, sweet Concord red would win out as the best Hoosier vino. You stopped by Oliver (AGAIN WITH THE SPOILER ALERTS) on your way back and forth from Indy, to I.U., didn’t you? And you stocked up on cases — with a discount — of this little ruby sweetheart, didn’t you? Sure you did. And not just because it’s around seven bucks a bottle. (By the way, the margin of victory here was one vote between first and second place.)

2nd: Oliver Riesling

3rd: Oliver Moscato

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