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Oliver Winery

Not only is Oliver one of the most prolific wineries east of the Mississippi River, it’s also one of the most beautiful spots in the state. Just north of Bloomington off of 37, Oliver hosts everything from dining to live music events. It’s a nice spot to go for a low-key bachelor or bachelorette party, and you can get their wines shipped right to your door if you want to take a little party home with you. Next time you take a day trip south, include this place in your itinerary for a healthy dose of good booze and beautiful scenery.

Tasting room: 8024 N. State Road 37 (Bloomington), 812-876-5800, TOLL FREE 800-258-2783; Downtown: 105 N. College Ave., 812-822-0466

2nd: New Day Craft
3rd: Mallow Run Winery 

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