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Monkey's Tale

The Monkey's Tale loves to tout that they were featured as NUVO's number one place to sing in Indianapolis the last time we went around and quantified the karaoke scene. And they've done it again! They're definitely the coziest, tucked away off the main Broad Ripple strip, and they attract a lively crowd of Indy's best singers. Their Monkey Idol contest is still in full swing, where for a $3 entry you can slug it out to win $100 and an entry for the February Main Event contest worth $1,000. But bring your A-game, because the singers here come to play. If contests aren't your thing, they have open karaoke on Thursday, Friday and Sunday, along with Karaoke Wheel of Fortune on Wednesdays: Spin the wheel, find your genre! Drinks are reasonably priced by Broad Ripple standards, and they have daily drink specials. Most nights start at 10 p.m., and they stay open well into the wee hours.

925 E. Westfield Blvd., 253-2883

2nd: Claude and Annie's
3rd: Downtown Olly's 

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