Best Local Amateur or Collegiate Sports Team

Naptown Roller Girls (Women’s Roller Derby)


That’s right: the NRG skaters don’t get paid — not even a scholarship. They do it for the love of the jammin’. If you’ve never been, put a bout on your Things To Do list and sit next to someone who knows the rules and the scoring. There are three tiers of skaters: the Tornado Sirens are at the top of the heap, followed by the Warning Belles and the Third Alarm. If the action wasn’t enough, the punk-rock vibe and outfits coupled with the aliases of the athletes (Mother Noose? Deadie Page? Katie Crackernuts, anyone?) make for a sporting event quite unlike any you’ve ever seen.

2nd: Butler Bulldogs (Men’s D1 NCAA Basketball)

3rd: IU Hoosiers (Men’s D1 NCAA Basketball)

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