Best Local Artisan/Maker/Craftsperson(s): Food and Drink

Smoking Goose


We here at NUVO may not be church-going types by and large, but something about walking into the Smoking Goose makes all of us want to cross ourselves. This is where all the Goose goodies get born, from sausages to hams and dry-aged steaks. You can also sign up for one of the Smoking Goose’s many classes, like sausage making (also makes for a really fun Father’s Day gift). We have previously referred to this place as being most like where the Disney Imagineers design and test all the rides. Every cut that passes through those hallowed deep freeze doors is a guaranteed premium piece of protein.

407 Dorman St, 638-6328,

2nd: Hoosier Momma

3rd: Fermenti Artisan

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