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Andrew Luck

Let’s ditch the whole “Chuck Norris is so tough” bit, please. The proper subject of said running joke and/or meme HAS to be Luck. As in “Andrew Luck is so tough he can start a fire by rubbing two ice cubes together.” Or “Andrew Luck once grew three Amish beards before halftime.” Or “Andrew Luck knows the last digit of pi.” Or “Superman wears Andrew Luck pajamas.” Or “Andrew Luck had his head ripped off by JJ Watt, then thanked the guy and apologized for bleeding on the field before his headless body beat the Texans 49-10.” Seriously, though, we are super-mega-uber happy that Tamika Catchings made this particular podium. She was, is and will always be awesome (as is our cover fella, multiple Best-Of-medalist Numero Uno).

2nd: Pat McAfee
3rd: Tamika Catchings

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