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John Green

The local nerdfighter (a claim of the term nerd, not one who fights them) never seems to stop moving. Between writing a new novel and seeing Paper Towns through to the big screen, it’s impressive that he still has time to keep up his video blog. Paper Towns didn't fair quite as well as The Fault in Our Stars did on opening weekend, but the film still beat out other movies opening that weekend. It also won Teen Choice Award for being the Choice Movie of the Summer. Coming up there is a movie deal in the works for Looking for Alaska, a novel of Green’s that was placed on the banned books list like so many other great works. Though Green is known for his writing, he is also an adamant activist along with his brother Hank. The two started a non-profit called Project for Awesome that gets YouTubers to raise funds for their favorite charities. The Green brothers also created a series of videos known as CrashCourse — shortened classroom lessons told in an energetic way to help kids in various subjects. Green has been working on a curriculum to accompany it; and IPS will likely be a test location. Green also won a NUVO Cultural Vision Award a few years back.

2nd: Kari McElroy
3rd: Hans Cummings 

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