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Flying Cupcake


Remember when the cupcake craze ended? Of course you don't, because no one stopped loving cupcakes, especially ones as delicious as the Flying Cupcake's. With four locations around the Indy area and a seven-days-a-week schedule, you can have yourself a sweet treat almost anywhere and any time. The menu changes daily, so if you fancy a Chocolate Covered Strawberry or a Cinnamon Toast cupcake, better stock up. Beyond the immobile locations, The Flying Cupcake has a truck named "Petunia" that travels around Indy just in case you can't make it to the store. Petunia is also available for rentals and requests.

715 Massachusetts Ave.; 5617 N. Illinois St., 831 S. Rangeline Rd., Suite 300, Carmel, IN, 4026 East 82nd St., Rivers Edge Shops, Suite A4,. 396-2696,

2nd: Long's Bakery

TIE: Rene's Bakery & Taylor's Bakery

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