Best Local Barber or Place for a Men’s Cut

Red’s Classic Barbershop


Dudes and dudettes in ties and vests — check. A plus woodwork-and-comfy-chair lobby while you wait, gleaming white cutting area for the actual trim — check. Coca-Cola in the bottle in an old red cooler — check. Big band music — check. Shoeshine dude — check. An eye for detail that ensures your barber will slay those little ear-hairs before your S.O. goes after ‘em with tweezers or some other ungodly thing — check. A great vibe and an excellent downtown lunch-hour location — check. The ability to handle anything cleanly, including this writer’s gnarly Beard of Wire — check and mate.

22 E Washington St, 636-7337,

2nd: The Vault

3rd: Urban Gypsy

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