Best Local Barber or Place for a Men’s Cut


Urban Gypsy

Urban Gypsy, a Broad Ripple institution, offers a wide range of grooming services for both dudes and dudettes, including (gulp) hair removal via (gulp gulp) hot wax for both sexes. OK. Whatever floats your boat. Full disclosure: until Your Humble Best Of Blurber looked at the site, he always assumed that when the words “Brazillian” and “men” occurred in the same sentence, it was a reference to IndyCar drivers or futbol. Oh, the things we learn. Kidding aside, the Gypsy gets some great reviews — and FOUR top spots in NUVO’s Best Of Indy to boot. Keep readin’.

6407 Ferguson St., 259-1788

2nd: Vinny’s Barbershop
3rd: Red’s

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