Best Local Bike Mechanic

Josh Prater, BGI


After learning his chops at a bike shop in Muncie, Josh came to BGI North 11 years ago. That small-town tuneup was good for his craft: “Because people don’t have a lot of money for new parts, you have to be able to fix anything — you get creative.” And creative he’s been, handling everything from racing setups to “wiring a subwoofer onto some dude’s trike.” When he’s not working, Prater’s fond of off-road biking in Brown County, where he can get away from the urban byways and get back to the kind of vibe he had back in his downhill racing days. For those who think they want to ride those dirt trails, too, Prater suggests that finding a solid name-brand bike with a good suspension and disc brakes is key. Prater’s favorite chore in the shop? Fixing coaster-brake hubs relaxes the man.

(North location only) 4340 E. 82nd St., 842-4140,

2nd: Chad Burdzilauskas

3rd: Jonathan Juillerat, Bluegrass Bicycle Company

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