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BGI – Bicycle Garage Indy


This is an Indy success story: three locations (including one downtown at the City Market bike hub), a massive selection and employees who can find and fit you to the bike for your needs. Road bikes, cruisers, commuters, hybrids, mountain goats, they’re all here; plus a massive selection of everything from locks and lights to pedals and panniers. BGI offers other fitness gear, too, like treadmills and stationary bikes, and their mantra includes making the beginner feel comfortable: “No spandex required,” according to their website. Additionally (SPOILER ALERT), one of their bike mechanics also took top honors.

(North) 4340 E. 82nd St., 842-4140; (South) 997 E. County Line Road (Greenwood), 885-7194; (Downtown) 242 E. Market St., Suite E101, Indy Bike Hub YMCA at City Market, 612-3099;

2nd: Indy Cycle Specialist

3rd: Bikes on Mass Ave

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