Best Local Bike Trail

The Monon Trail and Greenway


Take the roughly 10-and-a-half mile Monon Trail from 10th Street north, add the five-plus miles that stretch into Carmel, mix in a pinch of Westfield north of 146th St., sprinkle with access points, parking, scenic bridges and the occasional tunnel, spice with nifty neighborhoods, shopping areas, leafy stretches of lovely green canopy and a café or brewery here and there, and you’ve got an award-winning rail-to-trail conversion. The trail/greenway connects with many other trails in Indy and points north. NOTE: When the weekend weather turns warm, there are walkers, inline skaters, mellow skateboarders and lots of families with little kids and dogs — this is NOT the place to be setting land speed records on your carbon-fiber racing bike. Don’t be a dick.

2nd: Indianapolis Cultural Trail

3rd: Fall Creek Trail

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