Best Local British/English/Celtic Restaurant

MacNiven's Restaurant and Bar


MacNiven’s is as close as you’ll get to a day spent on the loches, with Scotch eggs, haggis (yes, real haggis) and Roast Beef MacHattan. They also serve plenty of American food too if the Scottish fare doesn’t appeal, like MacNiven’s famously unusual flat angus burger: an enormous flat piece of angus beef grilled and then folded up onto the bun. Make sure you get a beer on draft and sit by the windows to enjoy the warm days. In the winter, it’s a great place to hide out from the cold and drink beers until the chill leaves your bones. Winter also makes it a great time to taste their rich, hearty steak pie.

339 Massachusetts Ave, 632-7268,

2nd: Chatham Tap

3rd: Red Lion Grog House

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