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BRU Burger Bar


BRU Burger has long been making a name for themselves as the undisputed champs of the Indianapolis burger scene (it’s a thing). There, you can find burgers with guacamole, exotic cheeses, and a menu that frequently rotates. They may be called a “burger bar,” but BRU serves all kinds of tasty dishes, from salads to nachos. Still, the reason you go is to get a pint and grab a juicy patty with all the toppings (or none of them, because they’ll do that, too) and enjoy the deck. It’s got one of the best outdoor spaces on Mass Ave, nestled right in the center of all the action. Start your night out there and have a burger before hitting the bars.

410 Massachusetts Ave, 635-4278,

2nd: Steer-In

3rd: Twenty Tap

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