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Angel Burlesque


Yes, they’re sexy; yes, all body types are represented; yes, there are dudes in the troupe; and yes, they do a ton of benefit work. But beyond all of that, they’re really, REALLY funny. Some notable founding members have come and gone, alas, but the nucleus of nuttiness remains, including the woman who cooked the whole thing up at the outset: Katie Angel, a performer who’s not afraid to wear a Klingon headpiece with her pasties. (We’re serious.) Her partner, Jeff Angel, is an excellent emcee, and they’ve taken their act to an ever broader variety of venues this past year. They keep winning NUVO’s Best Of polls because they’re so very good at the art of the tease. Also, boobies.

2nd: Rocket Doll Revue

3rd: Crème de la Femmes

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