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At this point, it seems almost silly to run voting for this category, Yats has won so many years in a row. And why not? They’re the best damn creole food in the country, and we might say, this side of New Orleans. It’s a bold statement, but Yats serves up bold food. It’s spicy, rich, slow-cooked from the same basic roux style that defines creole and cajun food. They’ve got something for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, and if you’re shy about spicy or exotic foods, they’ll let you taste anything you want before buying. Can’t decide? Yats will serve up a half-and-half plate, or take a few pints home to enjoy later. No one was ever sad about having more Yats than they could eat at once.

5363 N. College Ave., 253-8817; 910 W. 10th St. (The Avenue) 602-8676; 885 Massachusetts Ave., 423-0518; 5650 W. 86th St., Suite 132 (Trader’s Point), 879-YATS; 8352 E. 96th St. (Fishers), 585-1792; 1280 US 31 (Greenwood), 865-9971; 12545 Old Meridian St., Suite 130 (Carmel), 581-1881;

2nd: B's Po Boy

3rd: Papa Roux

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