Best Local Chinese Restaurant

Naisa Pan-Asian Café


Bridesmaid no longer! After falling short in last year’s Best Of voting, Naisa Pan-Asian Café is back at the altar at #1, and it’s not their first time. An extensive dinner menu features food from several different Asian food cultures (as you might have gathered from the name); try the shrimp tempura or spicy basil curry, as well as your usual customers like chow mein or fried rice dishes. And if meat isn’t your thing, Naisa offers plenty of veggie options like veggie dumplings or the garden veggies steamer. The hot tea is a perfect compliment to complete a meal. By the way, what’s Asian spelled backwards?

1025 Virginia Ave, 602-3708,

2nd: Szechwan Garden

3rd: Egg Roll No. 1

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