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James Dant

We dig the fact that this Irvington store is making it well past year one, since it’s hipper than just a place to buy shirts. As we mentioned in an extended feature in NUVO’s 2014 Best Of Indy issue, owner Tommy James Dant wanted to create a “lifestyle store,” a kind of general store for men:

“Candles, soaps, lighters — I want to bring in anything; anything that was well-made.” Dant carries about 50 brands of clothing, shoes and so on. Dant looks for quality merchandise first. Once, when checking out a line of Japanese jackets, Dant realized the tags in the coats were made of the same tough material used to hold down flatbed loads — they’re called “toe straps.” “If they put that much detail into the tag, these coats have got to be made really well,” explains Dant. He tries to buy local whenever possible, too.

5624 E. Washington St., 974-9715

2nd: Righno Boutique
3rd: Toolbox Men’s Supply Company

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