Best Local Clothing Store for Women


Urban Gypsy

Intriguing choice for this year's Best Local Clothing Store for Women winner this year, Indianapolis! When we think Urban Gypsy, we don't necessarily first thing clothes – it is, after all, first and foremost a full service salon and spa. But they also have comfy, stylish clothes and jewelry on offer for those looking to do a little shopping before their eyebrow wax, including items from Mono Reno, Pol Clothing International, T Party, Survival, Urban Day, Ya k and Yeti, plus original designs by Urban Gypsy. Basically, if you want to get totally beautiful, from hair, skin and nails to bags and clothing, Urban Gypsy is your place.

6407 Ferguson St., 259-1788

2nd: Marigold Clothing
3rd: Izzy & Es 

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