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Crackers Comedy Clubs

Like an old buddy vying for a laugh, Crackers Comedy Clubs have, since 1980, been there for you, sometimes bringing in stars, others just opening up the mic for the best in local talent. There are other places to laugh, sure; Morty's has been a formidable opponent and ComedySportz has held its own in the improv comedy world. But through the '80s comedy fad and the rise and fall of magicians and prop comics, through relocations and downsizing, Crackers endures. Upcoming comedians include Jamie Kennedy (Aug. 22-24), Josh Nseed (Aug. 28-31), Tim Statum (Sept. 4-7), and Bobby Lee (Sept. 11-14).

247 S. Meridian St., 631-3536; 6281 N. College Ave., 255-4211;

2nd: ComedySportz
3rd: Morty's Comedy Joint

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