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Crackers Comedy Clubs


There are two locations for Crackers, the room downtown and the stage in Broad Ripple. The northern location seems more venerated: It’s got the classic brick wall behind the comedians, the bizarro painting in the lobby, the regular open-mic nights and a stage that’s seen Really Big Acts before they became Really Big Acts. (Check out all the headshots that grace the lobby.) Crackers has been an institution since 1980, and the folks who own the clubs managed to keep both joints afloat during the Great Recession. Check the upcoming acts, order a beer, get ready to laugh and tip your server — or push ‘em all the way over. (Ba-dum-thump.)

247 S. Meridian St., 631-3536; 6281 N. College Ave., 255-4211;

2nd: ComedySportz

3rd: White Rabbit Cabaret

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