Best Local Deli/Sandwich Shop

Shapiro’s Deli


When you’ve got a business that’s older than the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you’re doing something right. The first location — standing where the family’s original grocery store opened in 1905 — is set up like a classic cafeteria: grab a tray, some silver, glide it along the aluminum rails, and order a Reuben sandwich that’s big enough to feed about 14 people. This is deli food that’s indistinguishable from the best you’ll find in New Yawk or L.A. — potato pancakes and dill pickles and cakes and pies and so many choices of deliciousness deciding might make you all verklempt. On our last visit we tried the PLT: pastrami, lettuce and tomato. You wish your bubbe cooked like this.

808 S. Meridian St., 631-4041; IND Airport, 241-0645; for catering call 690-3036,

2nd: Goose the Market

3rd: Ripple Bagel & Deli

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