Best Local Farm-to-Fork Grocer/Merchant

Goose the Market


There was a pretty big discussion at NUVO central as to what exactly we were driving at with the phrase “farm-to-fork grocer or merchant.” Goose the Market is the absolute definition of what we were trying to express: the stuff’s local, you can ask the butcher what’s in it, where it came from — all of those things that take the scary out of sausage. Now you might’ve guessed — correctly — that Goose will remain a fright for vegetarians, but the in-season-only produce selection should lessen the shock of ALL. THAT. MEAT. Pick up some quality charcuterie and cheese, maybe a nice bottle of vino or some gelato and order a sandwich (TRY THE BATALI HOLY MARY THAT’S GOOD) while you’re there.

2503 N Delaware St., 924-4944,

2nd: Indianapolis City Market

3rd: Pogue’s Run Grocer

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