Best Local Indian Restaurant

India Garden


Sometimes we stray, but when we come back, hungry, bereft, seeking Indian comfort food of the most reasonably priced and endless variety, India Garden is there for us, with its two convenient locations (Downtown and Broad Ripple) and endless supply of naan, both plain and garlic-flavored. Options abound for both vegetarians and meat, and it's all restrainedly spiced, because this is a buffet for all. Plus, you can come back for the dinner menu if you want something hotter or more exotic; this writer recommends kicking up a notch the excellent bhindi masala (baby okra sauteed in onions, tomatoes and spices).

830 Broad Ripple Ave., 253-6060; 207 N. Delaware St., 634-6060;

2nd: Shalimar

3rd: India Palace

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