Best Local Italian Restaurant

Mama Carolla's


Oh, Mama. You may distract yourself with new beaus - well, just one, the breakfast spot Good Morning Momma. But we know you've given your heart to that sprawling villa on the Monon, with its ornamental fencing, old-world brickwork and many false entrances. And, Mama, this town loves you just as much as you love that home (built, by the way, as a model home during a particularly adventurous, pan-architectural pre-Depression period). Your classic, dependable, full-flavored offerings (including a standout chicken lasagna and eggplant puttanesca) welcome us in a warm, garlicky embrace, broken only with a quaff of querceto chianti.

1031 E. 54th St., 259-9412,

2nd: Iaria's Italian Restaurant

3rd: Iozzo's Garden of Italy

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