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Listen, kids: there was once a dark time in Indy when your Krogers and your Marshes SOLD NO SUSHI. We’re talking about the pre-decent-NFL-team era when big chunks of this city put the “nap” in “Naptown.” Before Indy started making every Top Ten list as “America’s Hidden Jewel!”, Sakura was already rolling out excellent rice and fish and other goodies. As greater numbers of Midwesterners started eating sushi, Sakura rose to the challenge of serving more discerning diners. Sure, you can get tempura, udon and teriyaki dishes at the same nowhere-near-Hipsterville location they’ve occupied for 20-odd years, but it’s those rolls that keep us coming back (and we can’t tell you how many Bob’s Rolls we’ve eaten).

7201 N. Keystone Ave., 259-4171,

2nd: Naked Tchopstix

3rd: Ichiban Sushi Bar & Sammy’s Asian Cuisine

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