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Joyful Noise Recordings


In a world of MP3s, Indy label Joyful Noise Recordings happily sends us back to basics: Cassettes, vinyl, even flexi-discs, are lovingly produced and sold in small batches to an eager crowd. But their basics aren’t that basic: with gorgeously rendered vinyl, innovative packaging and high-quality, limited releases, Joyful Noise Recordings navigates the re-surging analog market with savvy. The performance space-cum-office-cum-record store opened in May of last year; the label schedules shows at least monthly, with revolving exhibits by local artists. Shoppers can also dip into the building during the week to purchase new releases. They’re a world class operation in our own city, a jewel in Indy’s arts crown.

1043 Virginia Ave., Suite 207, 632-3220,

2nd: Rad Summer, Durtimyndz Entertainment

3rd: Gloryhole Records

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