Best Local Late Night Dining

Peppy Grill


As long as you're not running from the cops (as they tend to be repeat diners), Peppy Grill is a recommended 24-hour stop for unadorned diner food. As our own Barfly puts it, "There's no better way to attack tomorrow's hangover than a hearty, greasy breakfast at the Peppy. Just spend those last hours of the morning people watching. The Peppy crowd is an odd mix of hipsters, cops and street people." And, of course, there's plenty more than breakfast, including dirt-cheap hamburgers, not-that-much-more-expensive cuts of meat, milkshakes, pies and, believe it or not, salads.

1004 Virginia Ave., 637-1158,

2nd: HotBox Pizza

3rd: Ripple Bagel & Deli

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