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Kahn’s Fine Wine and Spirits


Need an authentic black lager for that German dinner you’re hosting? The hoppiest possible can of local IPA to take to the 500? A bottle of wine under 20 bucks to impress your friends who seem to know a lot more about grapes than you do? A good single-malt scotch that doesn’t require a financing plan? We bring up these examples because, well, they’re all actual reasons we’ve been to Kahn’s. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and never makes a newbie feel stupid for any lack of liquor knowledge. After flirting with expansion, Kahn’s now focuses all their efforts on a single location, offering tastings aplenty and a selection of booze best described as “DAMN.”

5341 N. Keystone Ave., 251-9463,

2nd: Big Red Liquors

3rd: 21st Amendment

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