Best Local Liquor/Wine Retailer

Kahn's Fine Wines & Spirits


Going into Kahn's is like walking into a giant house made entirely of beers, wines and liquor. Sounds overwhelming, and it is, but in the best way. Perhaps that's why Kahn's has won this category yet again. With beer ranging from 40oz High Life to local brews like Triton to beers you didn't even know existed, Kahn's is a liquor store you won't walk out of empty handed. Beyond beer, their wine selection has bottles for every price range and there are aisles for miles of assorted vodkas, whiskeys and more. If you start to notice yourself standing in front of the fridges, mouth gaping, just ask one of the many expert staff, who can help you wipe that bewildered look off your face. Did we mention the sale prices and regular tastings? Now we did! Whatever your alcohol needs, Kahn's has got you covered.

5341 N. Keystone Ave., 251-9463; 2342 W. 86th St., 228-9463; 25 N. Pennsylvania St., 632-9463;

2nd: 21st Amendment

3rd: Mass Ave Wine Shop

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