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Theatre on the Square

Having been a theater staple in Indy nearly since its creation in 1988, this win is no surprise. Originally located in Fountain Square, the theater has since moved to Mass Ave. where the two stages have allowed for diverse set of programming. After Lori Raffel took over at TOTS, she brought a few updates and changes to make sure that the downtown location can weather anything to come, things like a new roof and a renovated entryway that now houses First Friday IDAD shows. The theater has made a name for itself hosting big name playwrights like Steve Yockey (who just made the list of the 10 most-produced playwrights in America), Tracy Letts and David Hare. They have also been a home for local names like Ben Asaykwee, Lynn Lupold and Lou Harry.

627 Massachusetts Ave., 685-8687

2nd: Phoenix Theatre
3rd: Beef and Boards

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