Best Local Mexican Restaurant

La Hacienda


The last time we hit La Hacienda, we went with the location just off Binford. The bad news: we went for lunch on a weekday, so, despite our temptations, we couldn’t order a pitcher of margaritas. The good news: we got a wildly tasty enchilada/chalupa/refried bean/rice combo the size of a Hummer hubcap for six-and-a-half bucks. The deck was full, so we ate inside on The Most Colorfully Carved and Painted Furniture Ever. The chow’s authentic, the vibe’s authentic and there was soccer on the TVs.

6825 Graham Road, 577-2689; 3874 Lafayette Road, 290-0755; 6429 E. Washington St., 357-8084; 10202 E. Washington St., 897-1530; 12237 N. Meridian St. (Carmel), 566-9563; 7481 E. US 36 (Avon), 272-6855

2nd: La Piedad

3rd: La Margarita

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