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Jennie DeVoe


In a 2009 article, NUVO writer Wade Coggeshall describes the walls of Indianapolis-based singer-songwriter DeVoe's home as such, "There also are various NUVO awards on display that DeVoe has collected over the years (honoring her for everything from folk to rock to best overall local talent)." Clear a space on the wall, Jennie, because you've got another one. The consistently delightful, fiercely independent DeVoe has chosen what some may see as a surprising path - despite a strong following and lasting interest from major labels, she's stuck with her own imprint, Rubin The Cat Records, which has helped raise thousands of dollars for different animal advocacy organizations. DeVoe plays dozens of shows locally each year, with a reliable following at each album. What can we say? Indy is DeVoted to Jennie.

2nd: Recoil

3rd: Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band

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