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Circle City IN Pride Festival


The numbers are in for this year's IN Pride Festival. We'll start with the biggest one: 95,000 people attended the June 14 outdoor festival, which featured 16 main stage performers (plus drag queens) and 280 vendor and sponsor booth. Now to the parade, which drew 40,000 spectators to watch 3,041 walkers, 16 floats and two miniature, rainbow-colored ponies. And that's just the closing day's festivities; we don't have space to mention all the events earlier in the week, like Pet Pride (1,200 humans, 650 dogs, 12 cats, two lizards). One caveat: Some of the eight-day festival is held indoors (like the Girl Pride concert and Bag Lady show), though, as mentioned, the biggest draw remains the annual outdoor festival. 2nd: Indiana Microbrewers Festival

3rd: Broad Ripple Art Fair

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